Butcher Block Bar Tops

What You Get With Forever Joint Tops Butcher Block:

  • Our Cut-To-Size Program helps to save you the effort of trying to get your top to fit. Our butcher block bar top experts will cut your custom butcher block piece according to your desired sizing and shape. You will get an accurate finished size within 1/8”.
  • We have several styles of butcher block to choose from. These include hard maple, red oak, walnut, and hickory. Choose the type of wood that is most durable and will best complement the color scheme and style of your space.
  • Commitment to quality for more than 50+ years! We are the experts when it comes to providing quality custom butcher block products. This means that you will enjoy a beautiful hand-crafted wood design that will last you for many years to come. When you custom order a butcher block top from Forever Joint Tops, you will enjoy using a durable, attractive block that looks and functions better than comparable options from competitors.

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Commercial Red Oak Butcher Block Bar Tops

Custom Butcher Block Bar Tops

Looking for elegant butcher block bar tops for your home, cafe, bar, or dining room? With 50+ years in the business, Forever Joint Tops has decades of industry experience, bringing red oak, hard maple, and other wood butcher block bar tops to your doorstep.

Our craftsmen create beautiful butcher block bar tops custom made from 100% American-grown wood. Well-suited for both residential and commercial use, our custom butcher blocks are designed in either red oak, maple, hickory, or walnut woods.

Ready to get started? Order your butcher block bar top for your restaurant, bar, or kitchen/dining room space in your home here! Regardless of your choice, you can expect the finished product to be beautiful, durable, and easy to maintain. Please visit our order page to get a quote on a custom butcher block.

Have questions about our wood? Please reach out to our butcher block bar top experts and we can help you with the customization process. You can shop our current in-stock butcher blocks, or you can customize your own. Regardless of your choice of wood or customization, you can expect the finished product from Forever Joint Tops to be beautiful, durable, and easy to maintain, lasting you for many years to come!

Red Oak Commercial Butcher Block Top Tables

Butcher Block Bar Tops for Restaurants & Bars

Are you a restaurant or bar owner who's looking for an upgrade to your bar tops? Look no further! We supply restaurant and bar owners alike with custom butcher block bar tops to make your restaurant or bar look professional!

Our butcher block bar tops are designed to withstand years of daily wear-and-tear. This means that you are less likely to need to replace your bar tops for a while. To maintain your countertop installations, you will regularly oil them to keep them looking new and functioning for as long as possible, but we recommend permanently finishing them..

If you have any questions about how to properly care for your restaurant's new bar tops, please visit our care and cleaning pages for more information.

Although a popular choice is red oak for restaurant tables and bar tops, any of the woods may work, depending on your needs and preferences.


Residential Butcher Block Bar Tops

Are you doing a kitchen remodel? You may be interested in opting for wood countertops and bar tops for your kitchen and dining area. Butcher block woods can provide a "country"-like feel to your kitchen. In addition, the warmth of the wood matches many color palettes. For residential bar tops, feel free to choose from hard maple, walnut, red oak, or hickory to get just the right look for your kitchen!

Forever Joint Tops will supply you with the information you need to know to properly care for your butcher block bar tops. You will need to use a food-safe mineral oil or beeswax to ensure that your surface stays thoroughly oiled. Not only does the sheen maintain the natural beauty of the wood, it also helps to extend the longevity of your butcher block bar tops.

Still unsure? If you need more help deciding whether butcher block is right for your kitchen, take a look at this article about pros and cons to consider before installation.


Why Choose Us For Butcher Block Bar Tops?

Our custom butcher block company has been in business for over 50 years. We are a family-owned business with a commitment to excellence in our butcher block bar top, countertop, desktop, table, and kitchen island products. With fast, 24-hour customer service, we focus on communication with you, the customer.

All our maple wood products are quality-made from 100% American-grown lumber. In addition, we always use CNC precision equipment to ensure we get the exact measurements for your edge grain bar top that are required. This also omits the possibility of human error.

In addition, Forever Joint Tops has some of the best pricing you'll find anywhere for customized maple, hickory, oak, or walnut wood butcher block products. Below is a list of reasons why our customers choose us:

  • Excellent, competitive butcher block bar top pricing!
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Consistently high ratings and testimonials
  • Commercial, residential, school, restaurant, bar, etc., butcher block sizing
  • Precise customization
  • USA-made products
  • 100% American lumber
  • Discounts for larger butcher block bar top orders
  • Family-owned and operated business for over 50 years!

Butcher Block Bar Tops FAQs

Whether you are a restaurant or bar owner, or a home owner renovating your kitchen, we have the perfect custom butcher block bar top for you! Here are just some of the common questions we get about our oak or maple butcher block:


Can you use butcher block for a bar top?

Yes, butcher block can be an excellent choice for a bar top. Butcher block is durable, provides a warm and natural aesthetic, and can serve as a functional surface for food preparation if needed. However, it's important to remember that butcher block is made from wood, which means it's porous. For bar top applications, where the surface might be exposed to liquids, stains, and potential wear, you'll want to ensure that the butcher block is properly sealed and finished. This not only protects the wood but also maintains its beauty over time.


What is the best finish for a butcher block bar top?

Selecting the right finish for a butcher block bar top will depend on aesthetic, utility, and maintenance. While mineral oil finishes are food-safe and enhance the wood's innate beauty, they require frequent reapplication and offer limited moisture resistance. Waterlox or tung oil finishes strike a balance by offering both protection and a natural appearance, and they are food-safe once cured. Polyurethane is also a strong contender, but it's typically not food-safe. Epoxy provides a lustrous, resilient finish suitable for busy bar areas. Lastly, butcher block or beeswax can complement an oil finish, delivering a smoother texture with added protection.


Can you permanently seal butcher block bar tops?

Many butcher block owners prefer to permanently seal their butcher block surface. While no sealant offers absolute permanence, some finishes give long-lasting protection to butcher block bar tops. Epoxy finishes form a robust, water-resistant shield that can endure for years. Polyurethane also provides strong resistance against moisture and wear, but might need periodic reapplication. Despite their durability, these finishes might still require maintenance due to natural wood movement and daily use. Regular checks and timely maintenance ensure that the bar top remains protected.


How do you seal butcher block bar tops?

Sealing butcher block bar tops involves a multi-step process. First, sand the surface smoothly to remove any imperfections. Next, clean it to eliminate dust. Depending on your desired finish, you can then apply mineral oil for a food-safe option; however, it requires frequent reapplications. For longer-lasting protection, consider using Waterlox, tung oil, or polyurethane, applying multiple thin coats, and allowing adequate drying time between each. Epoxy can offer a glossy and highly resilient finish. After any sealing, always follow the manufacturer's guidelines for best results and ensure regular maintenance to prolong the seal's effectiveness.

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Below are just some of the reasons why people choose us for butcher block bar top products!

"Super nice company to work with. Helped me get my order perfect for the best price. I got the American walnut and it’s beautiful. Shipped quickly. I would recommend looking at both sides of the wood before installing as one side is clearly the top. Would recommend to anyone."

~ E.Johnson

"Absolutely LOVE my walnut top, it’s gorgeous and pulls my entire kitchen together. Anthony and Isaac were great, super kind and very easy to work with! Highly recommend!"

~ K.J. Korish

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