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Maple Butcher Block Kitchen Countertop

Our Wood Types

At Forever Joint Tops, we utilize walnut, maple, red oak, and hickory wood types to make unique, custom butcher block countertops you'll love.
Varying from light to dark wood colorations, you'll enjoy a custom butcher block surface that will last you for many years to come.

Floating Shelves

Let Forever Joint Tops be your resource for butcher block floating shelves! Our hand crafted shelves are one-of-a-kind and are handcrafted in the USA! We provide various customizations for your floating shelves, including specifying the wood species, the finish/satin, and the length, depth, and an thickness in inches. Our custom floating shelves can be customized in basswood or pine, and stained with a dark walnut or golden oak stain. Add a floating shelf to your home or office today!

  • 100% American-Grown Woods - Basswood, Pine
  • Multiple Finishes and Stains Available
  • Highly Strong & Durable Woods
  • Custom Measurements Available

Our floating shelves have brackets included with your order. At Forever Joint Tops, we strive for high quality floating shelves that ensure that your wood stands the test of time. Check out our butcher block floating shelves instruction guide, or call now for a quote!

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Cutting Boards

We can also custom create butcher block cutting boards and lazy susans for you. Cutting boards designated for cutting and chopping foods helps to preserve your butcher block countertop surface, and not only that, provides natural sanitary benefits also! Check out our cutting boards here!

  • Crafted from 100% American-Grown Woods
  • Availabe in Circular & Square Styles
  • Products: Circle Starlight, October, Williamsburg, and Williamsburg Lazy Susan
  • Wood Conditioner Bee's Oil Also Available
  • Sizing Customization Available!

Our cutting boards are available in the following styles: Circle Starlight, October, Williamsburg, and Williamsburg Lazy Susan. We are also selling bee's oil wood conditioner to help moisturize and protect your cutting boards so that you can use them for years to come! Find out more about edge and end grain butcher block here.

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Butcher Block Kitchen Countertops & Islands

Is it time to enhance the look of your kitchen or dining room? Customized butcher block countertops or kitchen islands will make a stunning addition to your home! Butcher block countertops are commonly used for cutting and chopping food, however, in recent years, they are best known for bringing style and elegance to the interiors of a home. If you do not plan on using your countertops for food preparation, you can opt to stain the surface for a beautiful, finished look.

Let Forever Joint Tops craft a custom butcher block countertop setup for your kitchen! From initial design, to the customization process, to shipment, our experts are happy to help with your new countertop installation. Place your order online or call now for assistance with your custom hard maple, red oak, walnut, or hickory butcher block countertop or kitchen island!

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Butcher Block Bar Tops

Looking for an upgrade to your restaurant's bar tops? Look no further! Our team crafts butcher block bar tops for commercial purposes. Although red oak is our most common wood for restaurant, we can customize bar tops and tabletops with any of the four woods listed on this site. We also provide butcher block bar tops for our residential customers. In fact, if you are doing a kitchen remodel or upgrade, you may be interested in butcher block countertops and bar tops for your kitchen and dining area.

Butcher block wood types can provide your kitchen and dining room with a "country"-like feel. Not only that, but the warmth of the wood matches many color palettes, from whites to deep browns, to any color in-between. Bar tops are a great investment to entertain guests, serve and prepare food, and more! Our friendly craftsman will help you learn how to properly care for your home or restaurant's new bar top. Contact us for more information.

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Butcher Block Tables & Desktops

Forever Joint Tops is skilled in custom butcher block table tops for your kitchen, dining room, home work area, or other spot in your home or business. Our custom butcher block table tops are crafted in hard maple, red oak, hickory, and walnut woods, providing a wide variety of beautiful, natural colors for your table's surface. Our team also provides custom desktops. Butcher block desktops are the perfect upgrade for your office. At Forever Joint Tops, we create beautiful butcher block desktops designed from 100% American-grown woods. Choose a deep walnut for a classy look, or bright maple to match your modern office setup.

Looking for a custom made table or desk top? Our butcher block table tops add an unmatched aesthetic appeal to any kitchen or dining space in your home! If you need ideas, check out our article on wood desk ideas here.

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About Forever Joint Tops

Forever Joint Tops butcher block products are made of 100% solid woods, including Walnut, Hard Maple, Red Oak, Hickory, which are made in the USA. Our materials are carefully-selected and our products are designed to last. Forever Joint Tops butcher block products carry a warranty that reinforces our commitment to quality, jointed butcher block. Whether you’re in need of a butcher block island, kitchen butcher block countertops, bar tops, desktops, kitchen islands, commercial kitchen solutions, or a restaurant table top, we have a high-quality butcher block solution to meet your needs.

Our process also creates a beautiful edge to our butcher block products so you receive a high-quality, ready-to-finish, butcher block island top or other butcher block solution for your home, office, or business. The installation process for your butcher block is straightforward - simply follow this installation guide for how-tos. Maintenance is simple - just use a food-safe conditioner or mineral oil to care for your butcher block.

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