Why Choose Walnut Wood for Your Countertop?

Is it finally time to make your dream kitchen a reality? Many homeowners love a medium, to rich, deep wood coloration for their kitchen. If that’s you, one of the most popular wood choices out there is walnut.

This gorgeous wood color comes from the American black walnut tree and will bring warmth and depth of color to your kitchen and dining room.

The best part about Black walnut wood is that it is beautiful, durable, and will last you many years.

In this brief article, we'll talk about why you should choose walnut wood for your countertops, office desk, tables, etc. Questions? Call us now at 608-566-6903, or contact us here.

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Why Choose Walnut Wood for Your Countertop?

Why Walnut Wood Countertops?

There are many benefits of Black walnut countertops and why many homeowners opt for this butcher block wood. Here are just some reasons why we recommend walnut wood countertops for your home:

The Pros of Walnut Wood

Overall, there are a lot more pros to Black walnut wood countertops than cons. Let's take a look!

Why Choose Walnut for Your Countertop

Strong & Durable

To start, walnut wood is strong and durable. This means that it is highly resistant to daily wear and tear. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to refrain from using a knife to cut food directly on the wood’s surface. (Invest instead in a cutting board, to maximize your walnut butcher block countertop’s lifespan.)

Attractive Wood Grain

One of the main reasons homeowners choose walnut is for its attractive wood grain. Walnut is known for its medium to darker, chocolatey coloration. This makes it the perfect choice for a dark, richly colored kitchen or dining area. With its attractive wood grain, walnut wood will be an absolute showstopper for your kitchen! Here are some edge styles and designs to help you as you design your walnut kitchen countertops and remodeled kitchen. More information on edge grain vs end grain butcher block here.

Works with Any Design Style

Walnut also benefits homeowners due to its many varying colors and textures, making it a great wood choice that works with any design style. Because of its versatility, walnut wood countertops are perfect for modern, traditional, classic, and Scandinavian style kitchens alike. Walnut butcher block can transform your kitchen into a work of art and raise the value of your kitchen if you plan to sell your home in the future.

Easy to Maintain

Walnut wood is also easy to maintain. (We highly recommend finishing/sealing the top of your butcher block rather than regularly conditioning it to especially reduce maintenance.) Alternatively, you can condition your butcher block surface regularly to keep the wood in top shape.

Cleaning and caring for your walnut butcher block often will keep it looking great for as long as possible! You can easily clean your walnut wood surface using dish soap, a sponge, fine-grit sandpaper (use if there are stains), and a mixture of white vinegar, lemon juice, and salt. With proper care, your walnut countertop will last you for many years to come!

Naturally Food Safe

Did you know that butcher block is more naturally food-safe than most other types of countertop? Walnut provides homeowners with anti-bacterial properties by absorbing germs and causing them die. Overall, bacteria has a shorter lifespan on butcher block wood surfaces when compared with plastic or other types of man-made material surfaces.

In fact, all of Forever Joint Tops' wood countertops are a better choice when it comes to anti-bacterial properties. This includes hard maple, oak, hickory, and walnut alike.

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Cons of Walnut Wood

Overall, there are more pros than cons to walnut wood, but here are a couple factors to consider:

More Expensive Than Other Wood Types

While walnut butcher block countertops are going to cost you less than granite or other types, walnut is typically more expensive than some of the other wood choices like maple, oak, and hickory. So, if you’re looking for a wood surface, keep that in mind as you consider overall budget for your kitchen. If you still have your heart set on a custom-designed walnut countertop though, you may want to save up a bit more so you can get that dream kitchen you’ve always wanted!

Prone to Scratches & Dents Over Time

Walnut wood is prone to scratches and dents over time. As with any butcher block countertop, you can expect dings in your surface. (To help with this, avoid directly cutting on the surface for the longest lifespan possible.) While scratches and dents can occur with time, the upside to this is that they can also add appeal and character to your butcher block.

Walnut Kitchen Islands

At Forever Joint Tops, we custom design your walnut butcher blocks for kitchen islands for a stunning central piece in the middle of your kitchen!

Walnut kitchen islands can complement white cabinets, brick walls, and even other woods. For example, walnut countertops can contrast stainless steel refrigerators and other appliances, to bring a warm look.

A walnut kitchen island is a great central place in your kitchen to cut food, prepare meals, wash dishes, and entertain guests at a holiday party. You can even choose to have barstools or chairs pulled up at your kitchen island.

Contact Forever Joint Tops today for a quote on your beautiful kitchen island.

Walnut Countertops

To complement your kitchen island, you will likely want to add walnut butcher block surfaces to all your countertops. This will make your kitchen look uniform and stand out as one of the most aesthetically appealing rooms in your home.

In addition to walnut countertops, Forever Joint Tops is also able to custom craft bar tops, desktops, and tables.

To get started, contact us, or visit our order page. If you have further questions, you can also visit our walnut butcher block FAQs page.

Walnut Kitchen Islands

Why Forever Joint Tops?

So why choose walnut for your countertop? With its strength, durability over a long period of time, versatility with many styles of kitchen and dining rooms, and overall ease of maintenance, walnut countertops are a great choice that we highly recommend to many of our clients.

At Forever Joint Tops, our walnut countertops are well suited for kitchen counters. Each is custom made (pre-ordered sizes are also available), depending on what you’re looking for. Each piece is crafted with high attention to detail by skilled woodworkers and precise CNC equipment. Walnut countertops are highly durable, and our products are second to none.

NOTE: We highly recommend permanently finishing/sealing the top of your wood countertops using Waterlox®, rather than regularly conditioning it.

At Forever Joint Tops, we strive to have the natural beauty of the walnut wood come through. We also want the ordering process to be a straightforward as possible. No matter if you own a modern kitchen or are looking to spruce up your classic kitchen with deep, warm walnut wood, you’ve come to the right place. Order your butcher block today!

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