Walnut Butcher Block Countertops

Walnut Butcher Block Countertops

Forever Joint Tops is your source for custom walnut butcher block countertops. Order yours today!

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Forever Joint Tops provides every customer with unique, high-end custom walnut butcher block countertops. We take a great deal of pride in the style, craftsmanship, and durability of our countertops, and what’s more, our customers do too. Every piece of wood is carefully checked for quality and hand placed in your top so that every top is unique and artfully crafted. We want every walnut butcher block we make to be the centerpiece of your new kitchen.

Quality Custom Walnut Countertops

  • Choose from custom or in-stock walnut butcher blocks
  • All walnut wood products are American-grown in the USA
  • Walnut wood butcher blocks are designed with precision customization
  • High quality and long-lasting walnut countertops
  • 50+ years of experience and excellence
  • Family-owned and family-run business

Our experts are committed to quality custom walnut countertop designs. If you want to upgrade the look of your kitchen, look no further than Forever Joint Tops for quality, American-grown walnut wood butcher blocks. Contact our team today to get a quote for your walnut custom butcher blocks.

Walnut Butcher Block Countertop Projects

Our premium walnut butcher block countertops are made with grain strips that go the full length of the countertop. This provides a better appearance and more durability than blended butcher blocks where short strips are joined together. Our team at Forever Joint Tops creates walnut butcher block countertops designed with detailed customization for kitchen islands, wood countertops, and more. To see the quality of work that we do, please view our walnut wood portfolio below.

Walnut Kitchen Island Top

Walnut Kitchen Island Top

Walnut Kitchen Counter Top

Walnut Kitchen Counter Top

Walnut Kitchen Counter Top

Walnut Kitchen Counter Top

Customized Walnut Butcher Block Countertops

Forever Joint Tops can custom create your walnut butcher block countertops in the following types of wood: walnut, hard maplered oak, or hickory. You can specify the shape desired and also choose from a width and length of a number of dimensions - up to 42" wide and 96" long. Regardless of your choice, our highly skilled and detail-oriented craftsmen are committed to making your butcher block countertop special. In addition, we also have in-stock options available. To select your in-stock option, first choose your wood type, and then width and length to get the type and sizing you’d like.

At Forever Joint Tops, we can specially customize your countertop based on your needed dimensions. To ensure maximum quality and precision, our computerized Cut-To-Size Program will cut to the exact dimension required, saving you both the time and effort of trying to get your walnut countertop to fit. Find out about how to install your butcher block here.

Countertops made of walnut wood show off the wood’s rich and stunning deep brown coloration. Walnut works equally well in light or dark kitchens, as either a contrasting or a complementary design element. Walnut wood comes from the black walnut tree (or American Walnut), which is native to the Eastern United States. The hardness (as rated by the Janka scale), is 1,010 lbs.

Walnut Kitchen Islands

Have you been dreaming of that kitchen remodel? Forever Joint Tops can help you design a walnut kitchen island for your home. Whether you are looking to redo your kitchen in a light or dark color scheme, walnut is versatile, and will complement many types of kitchen styles. Easily, walnut wood is one of the favorites among kitchen island countertop woods because of its rich, deep brown coloration. It is also quite hardy, which makes it also a practical choice since it holds up with daily wear and tear, lasting you for many years to come.

Walnut kitchen islands will look at home in an urban industrial kitchen, a traditional-styled kitchen, or even a kitchen with a more rustic feel. Though it is a deep-colored wood, walnut can complement both warm and cool colors. Its grain is primarily heart wood, which provides the overall darker shades of brown you see, while the lighter coloration that complements the heart wood throughout is called sapwood. Contact the team at Forever Joint Tops today for a custom walnut kitchen island to make your traditional or modern kitchen stand out!

Walnut Kitchen Island Top

Walnut Kitchen Island Top

Walnut Bar Tops

Walnut bar tops are a beautiful addition to your home's kitchen or dining room area. A walnut bar top can add a lot of character to a contemporary or classic styled kitchen alike. Durable and aesthetically-pleasing, walnut bar tops are great for cooking and cutting food, serving drinks and snacks, eating a meal, or playing cards games with your family and friends. In addition, bar tops designed with walnut wood are great in a modern kitchen, a rustic cabin, or a traditional dining room. For example, you can combine a walnut bar top with granite or marble for a classy bar in your kitchen.

Because of its shock resistance and wide range of brown coloration, walnut is considered one of the best choices for bar tops. If you have been saving up for a walnut bar top for your kitchen or dining room, look no further than Forever Joint Tops for a quality kitchen piece that will last you for many years to come. Check out five reasons why you should choose wood countertops for your kitchen.

Walnut Kitchen Bar Top

Walnut Kitchen Bar Top

Walnut Tabletops

If you are looking for a beautiful walnut tabletop for your kitchen or dining area, you'll find walnut wood to not only look beautiful, but also be a practical choice. Because it is quite a hardy wood, walnut's durability makes it a good investment for a tabletop. Walnut tabletops provide a stunning centerpiece where you can cook, eat meals with family, play board or card games with friends, and overall enjoy in your living space.

Our experts can even provide unique, custom walnut tabletops for a visually beautiful furniture piece in your kitchen, dining room, living room, or other part of your home. The deep-colored wood with a small accent of light sapwood will show off your design style and tastes. Contact Forever Joint Tops today for a walnut tabletop that lasts!

Walnut Custom Table Top

Walnut Custom Table Top

Walnut Countertop Pricing

Please note: walnut countertops are not the cheapest when it comes to pricing! However, while it is not the cheapest, for a naturally darker wood it has good value when compared with other woods you may finfd on the market like wenge or ebony. For pricing for your walnut countertop, you can visit our order page and shop in-stock butcher block tops or customize your butcher block to get an estimated price. You can also reach out to our experts and we'll be happy to provide a quote.

Finishing Choices

Are you planning to use your walnut butcher block countertop for food preparation? To ensure your safety, we recommend mineral oil or conditioner. If you are not planning on using your walnut countertop for food preparation, we instead recommend conversion varnish.

Why Choose Forever Joint Tops?

Forever Joint Tops has proudly served our valued clients for over 50 years as a family-owned company. When you place a custom walnut butcher block countertop with us, you can expect fast customer service and great attention to detail in the shipment process. Additionally, all our walnut, maple, hickory hickory, and oak products are 100% American-grown lumber. Our company always uses CNC precision equipment to ensure you get an exact cut, omitting the potential for human error.

We have also some of the best pricing you'll find on the market. Below are some other reasons why our clients choose us:

  • Best Walnut Butcher Block Pricing – Guaranteed!
  • Beautiful, High-Quality, & Durable Wood
  • Precise CNC Cut & Customization
  • Fast, 24-Hour Turnaround
  • 100% USA-Made
  • 100% American-Grown Hardwoods
  • Reliable Customer Service
  • 50+ Years of Experience in the Industry!
  • Family-Owned & Operated
  • Commercial walnut butcher blocks for restaurants, schools, bars, kitchens, etc.
  • Residential walnut butcher blocks for kitchen islands, wood countertops, butcher block tables/desks, etc.
  • Discounts for Large Orders!

Our attention to detail helps our company rise above the competition. In fact, throughout the many years of our operation, the team at Forever Joint Tops has cut and customized many walnut butcher block countertops projects over the years. Please give us a call or send us an email today!

What Customers Are Saying!

Super nice company to work with. Helped me get my order perfect for the best price. I got the American walnut and it’s beautiful. Shipped quickly. I would recommend looking at both sides of the wood before installing as one side is clearly the top. Would recommend to anyone.

~ E.Johnson

Absolutely LOVE my walnut top, it’s gorgeous and pulls my entire kitchen together. Anthony and Isaac were great, super kind and very easy to work with! Highly recommend!

~ K.J. Korish