Custom Order Butcher Block Tops

Butcher Block Tops

In-Stock Custom Butcher Block Tops

For in-stock butcher block tops, we start out by sanding the butcher block to a 150-grit finish. The custom butcher block top you ordered will arrive with a food-safe mineral oil application. You may want to apply a conditioner to your butcher block for the longest-lasting results possible.

Whether your butcher block order is an office desk, restaurant table top, a butcher block island top, or any other creative use you choose, your butcher block will be ready for you to apply the oil-based finish of your choice depending on your needs. More info on our finishing and care page.

In-Stock Butcher Block Order Details:

  • A 1/4" radius edge is applied to the top side and all four corners.
  • All in-stock butcher block tops are 1 1/2" thick.
  • Shipping time for stock tops will be 7-14 days or sooner!
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Custom Cut
Butcher Block Tops

Custom Cut Butcher Block Tops

Looking for a custom butcher block order? Choose the corner radius on your top, wood type, and more!

Our Cut-To-Size Program saves you the time and effort of trying to get your top to fit. We’ll cut your custom butcher block piece to your requested size or shape.

Custom Butcher Block Details:

  • We use a computerized CNC to give you an accurate finished size within 1/8".
  • All tops are 1 1/2" thick.
  • Ship time for special order tops will be up to 7-21 days.
  • Installation is straightforward! Follow this step-by-step installation guide.
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Quality Custom Butcher Blocks that Last

No matter the wood type you choose, your butcher block order will be highly customized and quality made to suit your kitchen, dining room, or office! With our CNC precision equipment, you can order butcher block custom sizes according to the specific dimensions and to the exact precise cut you need. Our wood products are perfect for use as restaurant/home table tops, butcher block island tops, a butcher block desk top, or for any other purpose. Wood options for your butcher block counters, island tops, and cutting boards include the following woods: red oak, hard maple, hickory, and walnut.

At Forever Joint Tops, we are the experts in butcher block orders! We stand by our commitment to quality. This means that you will enjoy a beautifully hand-crafted wood design that will last you for many years to come. Take a look at 5 reasons you should choose wood countertops.

To further ensure quality, our company always uses kiln-dried lumber grown in the United States. When you custom order butcher block from Forever Joint Tops, you will enjoy using a durable, attractive block that looks and functions better than comparable options from competitors.

Our Butcher Block Products

Butcher Block Countertops

We are your source for customized butcher block countertops made from 100% American-grown woods. Forever Joint Tops can help you renovate your kitchen so that you have a beautiful walnut, maple, oak, or hickory design that complements the other aesthetic features of your kitchen and dining area.

Your countertops and kitchen islands can be customized in a variety of different ways. In addition, butcher block countertops from Forever Joint Tops are crafted from 100% American grown woods. Order your customized countertop installation today!

Butcher Block Bar Tops

In addition to residential wood butcher block bar tops, Forever Joint Tops also provides solutions for commercial applications. This includes commercial butcher block bar tops for restaurants, breweries, bars, schools, etc. Our quality butcher block bar tops are crafted from 100% American-grown woods. Oak tends to be our clients' most popular choice, however, we can also design your butcher block bar tops in maple, hickory, and walnut.

One great aspect about commercial butcher block bar tops is that not only do they look nice, but they are also highly durable. This makes them ideal for many years of wear and tear. With a little care and cleaning, your butcher block bar tops can serve their purpose for many years in your kitchen bar, or at your public restaurant or bar.

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Order Butcher Block

Butcher Block Desktops

Looking to create a home office? If you have a little money set aside, you can invest in a quality butcher block desktop. Custom desktops will add aesthetic appeal to the corner of your home office or at-work office space. In addition, they can add value to your home with hardwoods like hard maple, red oak, or walnut.

No matter if you prefer a lighter, medium, or darker-colored wood, we can customize your butcher block desktop by corner radius, size, and shape. Check out some of our butcher block desk ideas here.

Kitchen Island Butcher Blocks

Kitchen islands and countertops are highly popular and add a lot of value to your kitchen and dining room. They provide several key benefits, including beautiful wood designs, increased value, durability, and a long lifespan.

Kitchen islands with a butcher block top are designed to withstand many years of daily use. With proper care, you can get many years of life out of your butcher blocks. They are a popular choice for cutting, chopping, and serving food.

And because they are often situated in the middle of the kitchen, a kitchen island provides an appealing focal point for when you're serving or preparing food! Need some more ideas for your butcher block order? Here are some more woods for your kitchen countertops.

Butcher Block Table Tops

Our butcher block table tops add an unmatched aesthetic appeal to any kitchen or dining space in your home or office.

There are a variety of different customization options for your butcher block table tops. With our skilled craftsmanship, you can rely on butcher block quality that will last for years to come!

Cutting Boards

Forever Joint Tops crafts cutting boards from woods such as walnut, sapwood, cherry, maple, white oak, and hickory. Each of our cutting boards have an end grain design.

Butcher Block cutting boards provide practical benefits for cutting and preparing various foods - not only that, but they are also aesthetically beautiful to look at. Please visit our main cutting boards page to order there.

Floating Shelves

Forever Joint Tops has also recently introduced floating shelves as another butcher block product we custom order. Our team crafts floating shelves from quality pine and basswood woods.

You can also choose the finish/stain, which is dark walnut, clear, or golden oak. There are many different ways to proudly display your floating shelves, and our team is also ready to help or provide advice!

Why Order Butcher Block from Forever Joint Tops?

As a family-owned and operated company with 50+ years in the business, you can rely on our quality products and attention to detail. Forever Joint Tops only uses 100% American grown lumber for every butcher block order. Not only that, but we focus on precise craftmanship by utilizing CNC precision equipment to ensure that your product is cut precisely.

  • Best Butcher Block Pricing – Guaranteed
  • Precision Customization
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Made in the USA
  • 100% American Hardwoods
  • Consistent, high ratings. Please read our testimonials!
  • Over 50 Years of Experience and Excellence
  • Family-Owned and Operated
  • Commercial butcher block custom sizes for restaurant tabletops, school applications, commercial kitchen countertops, etc.
  • Residential butcher block custom sizes. Custom butcher block island tops, wood countertops, butcher block tables, desks, and more.
  • Discounts for Large Orders

Contact Us

Questions? Please contact the team at Forever Joint Tops to begin your custom butcher block order. Regardless of your choice of wood, edge/end grain, etc., you can expect the finished product to be beautiful, durable, and easy to maintain. To see the quality of work we do, please view our portfolio to see what ideas we can bring to life for your kitchen!

At Forever Joint Tops, we provide "Quality that is Forever Yours." Please reach out to us for inquiries about our butcher block custom sizes, how to install your butcher block countertop, or how to finish butcher block. Forever Joint Tops is proud to serve our clients for over 50 years and we focus on building a relationship with you. Our team values your business and we would love to hear your feedback!