Mineral Oil & Organic Beeswax Butcher Block Care Instructions

Once you have made the decision to move forward with purchasing your custom butcher block countertop, you'll also need to know how to care for it. Below are some butcher block care instructions for you to refer to for applying mineral oil or organic beeswax as you care for your butcher block countertop.

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Use a Food-Safe Mineral Oil

If you plan to prepare food on your new butcher block countertop installation, you'll want to use a food-safe mineral oil. To keep your countertop maintained, you'll also want to regularly apply mineral oil. A food grade mineral oil will help to keep your maple, hickory, black walnut, or red oak wood in top condition and stay fresh.

Please note: Do not use other types of oil like coconut oil, walnut oil, olive oil, peanut oil, or linseed oil. These tend to become rancid over time. In addition, THEY ARE NOT FOOD-SAFE.

How to Use Mineral Oil

Once applied, the mineral oil will work by saturating the wood, keeping any water or food out from being absorbed into the wood. Ensure you apply oil to your butcher block frequently to prevent absorption of liquids and foods.

Typically, you can find a food grade mineral oil at your local drug store. You'll find it sold under the names "butcher block oil" or "Mineral oil USP." Check with the experts at Forever Joint Tops for information about mineral food safe oil with organic beeswax as a topcoat for your butcher block countertop. Take a look at our Wood Conditioner Bee's Oil here, for smooth and beautiful application!

Upon receiving your butcher block countertop, you will want to apply the mineral oil once a day to the top surface, sides, edges, and any exposed areas underneath the countertop. Repeat once daily for a week. Following this, we recommend maintaining the countertop by oiling once a month (or about once every 3 to 4 weeks). If you reside in a relatively hot or dry climate, you may need to apply slightly more frequently (ask us with questions). typically works well (more frequently in dry or hot climates). Once you've applied the mineral oil a few times, you'll start to recognize when it is time to oil/condition again.


  • Step 1: Apply the mineral oil to your butcher block. You can use a liberal mount, so don't worry about how much oil you pour. Let the oil soak in. Once the wood is fully saturated it won't absorb any more.
  • Step 2: Let the oil sit. You can let the oil sit from anywhere between 15 minutes to overnight. Once you've allowed the oil to sit and fully saturate the butcher block, you may wipe away the remaining oil.
  • Step 3 (optional): Once you have wiped away any excess oil, you may optionally rub or polish a butcher block conditioner into the wood. You can do this using a lint free cloth or soft paper towel. Next, allow the conditioner to sit on the butcher block surface for about 5 minutes. Using butcher block conditioner will help to protect your wood even more and keep the mineral oil in better for a longer time.
  • Step 4: Repeat this process daily (for the first week), and then about once a month (or every three to four weeks) to maintain the quality of the butcher block.
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Other Notes on Butcher Block Care

  • Wood changes depending on the amount of moisture present. As a result, you can expect your butcher block top to slightly shrink and expand. To prevent extreme dryness (and possible cracking) from occurring, ensure you frequently oil or wax your butcher block top.
  • DO NOT cut raw meat, poultry, or fish directly on your butcher block. You don't want to contaminate your wood.
  • Just like most any wood surface, you may clean your butcher block surface using a damp cloth with a little soap. We recommend utilizing a sanitizer solution mixed with vinegar and water. DO NOT use excessive amounts of water. If there is a large amount of water pooled on the surface of your butcher block at any time, be sure to wipe it up immediately. Then, you will need to allow it to fully air dry and then oil it. For more information, please read here for how to clean butcher block countertops.

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