Kitchen Island Butcher Blocks

What is a kitchen island butcher block? A butcher block for your kitchen island simply refers to the countertop/island top which is crafted of solid hardwood strips. The butcher block is designed to withstand many years of daily use. In addition, they are a popular choice for cutting and chopping food. Not only are butcher block island and countertop installations practical, but they are also visually appealing to install in your kitchen.

Beautiful Custom-Designed Kitchen Island Butcher Blocks

At Forever Joint Tops, we create beautiful kitchen island butcher blocks made from 100% American-grown wood. Great for both residential and commercial use, our custom butcher blocks are typically designed in either various wood types such as red oak, maple, hickory, or walnut woods.

Please contact our team to start your order of a custom kitchen island butcher block. You can also browse current in-stock offerings. Regardless of your choice, you can expect the finished product to be beautiful, durable, and easy to maintain. Please see our portfolio to get an idea of the type of work we can do for your kitchen, or visit our order page to get a quote on a custom butcher block.

Steps to Ordering Your Kitchen Island Butcher Block

1.) What Do You Want to Achieve?

First, make sure you conduct some research on what type of wood you want for your butcher block. Consider the style and wood color choice that will look best for your kitchen, color scheme, and existing countertops. You'll want to know what wood types are available to you, as well as available wood grains and constructions, finish types, and options like sink cutouts, islands, etc.

2.) How Do You Plan to Use the Butcher Block Top?

Do you plan to use your butcher block kitchen island top for cutting and chopping food? Or is it mostly for an aesthetic look? The experts at Forever Joint Tops can help point you to the most durable wood types.

Kitchen Island Butcher Block Benefits

One of the benefits of opting for custom kitchen island butcher blocks is that they can be used for cutting or food preparation. In fact, studies have revealed that hard woods have naturally occurring properties, which makes them overall more sanitary when compared with plastic - especially as the cutting surface ages. For more information, check out the benefits of opting for hardwood cutting surfaces on our finishing and care page. We also have additional information for how to use food-safe mineral oil on your countertop. For a food-safe surface, you will need to use mineral oil.

3.) What Is Your Budget for the Project?

Finally, you'll want to evaluate your project plans and goals and consider your budget. Some woods are a little more affordable than others (but look just as nice!) The best way to keep your spending down is by opting for a 1 1/2 inch thick standard size edge grain or blended top in maple wood. If, for example, you choose a more expensive wood like walnut, or increase the thickness, you can expect a higher cost. Other factors which can increase the cost of the project include adding sink cutouts, custom sizing, etc.

Have questions about pricing? Simply give our experts a call today at 608-566-6903 and we'll discuss your budget for your kitchen island butcher block top.

Kitchen Island with Butcher Block Top Customization Options

Kitchen Island - Maple
Kitchen Island - Walnut
Kitchen Island - Maple
Kitchen Island - Walnut

Kitchen islands with butcher block tops are quite popular these days. They provide aesthetic appeal to your kitchen, and even add more value to your home by showing off beautiful hardwood like maple or oak. Check out some kitchen island ideas here, or contact our experts for different ways to design your kitchen butcher block island. Here are 5 reasons why you should choose wood countertops for your kitchen and dining room.

That's why at Forever Joint Tops, we are committed to helping you design the right kitchen island for your space. When filling out a form or giving us a call, feel free to specify your precise needs, because we provide a high level of customization options to make sure you get the finished product you're looking for. No matter the height, width, type of edge, or wood species you've chosen, our experts can make it work. Choose from red oak, maple, hickory, or walnut to make your kitchen island with butcher block top look stunning in the center of your kitchen.

Wood Types for Kitchen Island Butcher Blocks

Walnut Kitchen Islands

Another popular choice are walnut kitchen island butcher blocks. The deep, rich coloration of walnut looks stunning no matter if its blended in with other dark woods, or along with a lighter or white color scheme. Please note: walnut tends to be the most expensive of the four woods, but its durability and beauty is well worth the investment if you prefer a darker wood! Browse walnut kitchen island ideas here.

Walnut Wood Features:

  • Deep chocolate brown coloration, mixed with lighter sapwood
  • Playful grain patterns
  • Moderate color variation
  • Ages very well, scratches and dings take on a darker rich color that over time only adds to the beauty of the top

Maple Kitchen Islands

As mentioned already, maple kitchen island butcher blocks are going to be one of the more affordable choices for your kitchen. Additionally, it is the most popular wood type we offer. Hard maple wood, is in fact, the hardest of the four wood types we offer, however, it is also the least costly, which is why it is such a popular and reliable choice. Not only that, but maple wood looks beautiful, complementing both light and dark color schemes in any kitchen, whether modern or classic.

Maple Wood Features:

  • Neutral blonde coloration
  • Tight-closed grain
  • Traditionally what butcher blocks have been made from throughout history

Red Oak Kitchen Islands

Our professional butcher block craftsmanship also includes red oak. Red oak kitchen islands are highly durable and can last you for many years, especially when cleaned and properly maintained. Oak is an exceptionally hardy wood, making it a very popular choice for commercial applications. The cost is similar to maple, although this wood is a bit darker and you can expect to see a bit more of a grain pattern than maple. Another nice aspect of choosing red oak is that it is easy to stain with the color of your choice.

Red Oak Wood Features:

  • Neutral light brown coloration
  • Heavy open grain pattern
  • High durable
Red Oak

Hickory Kitchen Islands

If you are looking for a unique, beautiful wood that has a range of light and dark colorations, than a hickory kitchen island countertop is your wood of choice! Hickory is one of the hardiest American woods used for kitchen islands, so if you invest in a hickory kitchen island top, you'll enjoy it for many years to come. Like its cousins, hickory is a durable wood with playful grain patterns that will help to add visual interest as the centerpiece to your kitchen and dining area.

Hickory Wood Features:

  • Collection of dark and light colors
  • Playful grain patterns
  • Highly durable

Why Choose Forever Joint Tops?

Forever Joint Tops has been in the business for over 50 years, proudly designing high-quality and long-lasting kitchen island butcher blocks for decades. We are a family-owned company, proud to serve our clients with a great level of attention and detail in every product we create. Our clients choose us because we have consistently provided a fast 24-hour response time, excellent kitchen island butcher block prices, and discounts for larger orders.

Another reason why we stand out from the crowd is that all the lumber we use for our kitchen island butcher blocks comes from 100% American-grown hardwoods only. In addition, we utilize CNC precision equipment to get the exact cut you need. Please read our testimonials which attest to the quality of our services and products. Here are some other reasons why our customers choose us for kitchen island butcher blocks:

  • Excellent, competitive butcher blocking pricing!
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Consistently high ratings and testimonials
  • Commercial, residential, school, restaurant, bar, etc., butcher block sizing
  • Precise customization
  • USA-made products
  • 100% American lumber
  • Discounts for larger butcher block orders
  • Family-owned and operated business for over 50 years!

Forever Joint Tops is fully committed to "Quality that is Forever Yours." Please contact our team today with questions, comments, or concerns. We value your feedback!

Kitchen Island Butcher Block Testimonials

Absolutely LOVE my walnut top, it’s gorgeous and pulls my entire kitchen together. Anthony and Isaac were great, super kind and very easy to work with! Highly recommend!

~ K.J. Korish

After searching thru websites, I came across Forever Joint Tops for my new kitchen island and countertops. Ordering such statement pieces online always freaks me out a bit, and I called the company to see if they could get the look I wanted. This company was absolutely fantastic to work with! I spoke with Isaac and explained what I wanted. He was so professional and kind to take time with me to walk me thru their shipping process, finishing care, and after care of the tops once they were installed. Even though it was around the holidays and they were busier than usual, he never seemed rushed with my litany of questions and was very patient and truly expressed that he wanted things to be right.

The gorgeous tops came in but their was an error with one of the pieces. Being a business owner, I know that things happen and how a company handles an issue speaks volumes to who they are. I called Isaac and he rushed a replacement piece to me so I could stay on schedule to get the new kitchen in by Christmas. The new piece came in right on time and was exactly perfect. I cannot express enough how truly gorgeous the tops are, stellar the customer service is, and how much I love my new kitchen. Thank you Forever Joint Tops and Isaac for making this experience so enjoyable and making my kitchen BEYOND beautiful!

~ R. Kidwell