Floating Wall Shelves: The Ultimate Buying Guide

At Forever Joint Tops, we appreciate how exciting investing in butcher block shelving can be. A butcher block floating shelf is more than just storage – it’s a stage for your cherished mementos, décor, and essentials. With a floating shelf, you can turn any wall you’re your home into a gallery of your personal narrative!

To help streamline the process of educating yourself and ordering the right custom butcher block floating shelf, we've put together this guide to help the decision-making process! Let’s dig in and start the exciting journey of transforming your walls into showcases of wonder.


Weight Limit

A properly installed floating shelf can support between 45–50 pounds per wall stud. Overall, the true capacity hinges on several factors: 1.) the installation site and method, 2.) the shelf and bracket's design and quality, and 3.) the shelf's dimensions.

At Forever Joint Tops, our floating shelves are handcrafted with premium wood to maximize weight support. When properly mounted to studs, some of our offerings are capable of supporting 100 pounds or more per linear foot when properly mounted to studs.


Installation Notes

Our butcher block floating shelves are built to last. To ensure they do, avoid relying solely on wall anchors, as the shelf's weight could pull them from the wall. Instead, we recommend always anchoring the brackets into at least one wall stud – even better, anchoring to two studs or more. For best support, you should consider mounting your shelf to wall blocking. If needed, check with the Forever Joint Tops team on providing professional assistance. Once the bracket is in place, simply slide on your shelf and secure it. And there you have it!

Can these shelves be mounted on drywall or plaster walls? Absolutely. This common installation method simply requires locating the wall studs with a stud finder, nail, or drill bit. Secure the bracket into each stud, using drywall anchors for additional support in other holes. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! We detail more about the installation process in our instruction guide here.



At Forever Joint Tops, our craftsmen select only the finest hardwoods for our butcher block floating shelves. We are currently offering Basswood and Pine for our floating shelves. Both Basswood and Pine ensure durability and a luxurious appearance to match and/or complement your kitchen, dining room, living room, home office, bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways, etc. Each wood type offers a distinctive grain and color, allowing you to choose a look that best suits your style and adds aesthetic appeal to your living space.

Whether you prefer the natural beauty of raw or clear-finished wood or choose a stained option like Dark Walnut or Golden Oak, our shelves adapt to your design preferences. Find out more about our current wood type, finish, and stain offerings on our floating shelf order page.



Choosing the right size floating shelf involves considering the space on your wall, what you plan to display, and overall room aesthetics. To start with determining the right dimensions, you should first measure your wall space to ensure the shelf fits without overcrowding.

Forever Joint Tops’ floating shelf order page simplifies this process! Simply select your desired dimensions from our drop-down menus. For shelf length, you can choose from lengths of 24", 30", 38", and 48" and for depth, we have a standard depth of 8".



For floating shelf thickness, we recommend 1.5-2” for both support and aesthetic reasons. Forever Joint Tops' Basswood and Pine shelves are available at a standard of 2” thickness. This thickness is perfect for both stability and style. If you have any questions or need guidance, our team is just a call or email away!



To maintain the beauty and stability of your floating shelves, regular dusting and mindful decorating are key. Arrange items in a way that balances the visual weight to maintain integrity and enhance the display.

Floating shelves offer a unique blend of practicality and creativity — perfect for books, art, or indoor plants, ensuring a great mix of both functionality and aesthetic appeal. We detail more about how to display your floating shelves in our article on 15 creative ways to use your butcher block floating shelves.



The ideal height for mounting floating shelves is around eye level or 4-5 feet off the ground, but this can vary based on the room's use and design. Choose a height that aligns with nearby elements and serves its purpose accessibly.

If you want insight on how high or where to place your floating shelves, the team at Forever Joint Tops is happy to assist you.


Why Choose Forever Joint Tops for Floating Shelves?

With more than 50+ years crafting butcher block products, Forever Joint Tops stands out for our dedication to craftsmanship and quality in every floating shelf we create. Our experienced team has been crafting custom butcher block solutions for years, offering not only products but also guidance on care and maintenance to ensure longevity, such as recommending Waterlox products to our customers.

Floating shelves continue to be a stylish choice, offering versatility that complements any decor, from minimalist to bohemian, industrial to rustic. They add functional beauty without overwhelming your space.

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