Butcher Block Desk Ideas

Looking for butcher block desk ideas for your office, kitchen, dining area, or hallway? At Forever Joint Tops, we have 50+ years of experience crafting beautiful custom desks for your home use. Have you always dreamed of having your own home office? Especially now post-pandemic, many have opted for studying, working, home schooling, or running their own business from the comfort of their home.

If that’s you, you may want to consider a butcher block desk to complete your home office! Butcher block desk ideas can range from a convenient standing desk to a unique, L-shaped desk, and can be crafted from a variety of different woods.

Custom Butcher Block Desk Ideas

Butcher block was first used by blacksmiths and butchers in the 1800s, but has been transformed for modern use as countertops, table surfaces, and desktops. Butcher block has an advantage of being beautiful, yet affordable and practical for many homeowners. Butcher block desks are commonly crafted from beautiful woods like traditional hardwood maple, walnut, cherry, hickory, and oak.

Forever Joint Tops is your source for high-quality custom butcher-block desks. Our skilled team can custom create a maple, oak, walnut, or hickory desk with the specific dimensions you need to fit your home office. Here are just some ideas we have to help get you started.

Maple Desk with Shelves

1. Maple Butcher Block Desk with Shelves

Easily one of the most visually appealing hardwoods available on the market is hard maple.

Not only does maple look beautiful as a desk, but it also provides all the durability you need to support your computer, printer, and hardware; store your paper, books, and notepads; and décor like picture frames and plants. Because of its durability, versatility, and modern/minimal aesthetic, hard maple is one of our favorite butcher block woods to work with.

Contact the Forever Joint Tops’ team to see how we can help you with your maple butcher block desk with custom shelving. We have many customization options available for maple butcher block.

You can contact our team directly at (608) 566-6903, or contact us online here.

2. Walnut & Maple Butcher Block Desk/Table

Looking for a simple desk? The professionals at Forever Joint Tops can make it happen! Two of our simple and modern desks – in walnut and maple. (These can also be crafted in hickory and red oak). When you order from us, you can choose from the butcher block pieces we already have in stock, or you can order custom. In addition, we can help you make the right choice of legs for your table or desk.

Ask our experts for help with your walnut desk’s height, length, width, and depth. Our butcher block desks create the perfect workspace for virtually any spot in your home.

3. Walnut L-Desk

One of people’s favorite woods is walnut. And that's no surprise, since it is characterized by an attractive, dark wood that complements just about any kitchen, dining room, or office. Crafted from 100% American grown walnut, a walnut butcher block surface is the perfect choice for any deep-colored home office or study area.

An “L-Desk” offers a unique look for your home office! Especially if you need lots of space to focus on your work and/or hobbies, an L-Desk is going to give you the additional space you’re looking for. Have our experts craft a custom walnut (or oak, hickory, or maple) L-desk.

Custom L-shaped desks are perfect for extra storage, décor, or additional workspace. Not to mention they look great in the corner of your office! Contact Forever Joint Tops today for your custom walnut L-desk!

Walnut L Butcher Block Desk Ideas

Walnut Butcher Block Custom Desk w/ Shelves

4. Walnut Butcher Block Custom Desk with Shelves

Do you envision your dream home office having a custom walnut wood desk?

A richly-colored walnut custom desk with shelving matches a darker color scheme – or it can contrast with a lighter colored room.

Shelves for your walnut desk are both aesthetically appealing and practical. Take a look at the photos here to see what your walnut shelves can look like!

DIY Butcher Block Desk Ideas

Are you a DIYer? Contact our team and we can help guide you in the right direction. Our experts can assist you in selecting the right butcher block wood type for your home. We can also help you get the right dimensions, and answer any questions you may have on proper desktop or countertop installation, finishing, cleaning, applying mineral oil or organic beeswax, conditioning, etc.

NOTE: We recommend permanently finishing/sealing the top of your butcher block, rather than regularly conditioning it. Read more information on our finishing and care page. When finishing walnut, it is recommended to finish the bottom side first to ensure the applied product gives you your desired look and finish.

Why Choose Our Butcher Block Desks?

Here are just some reasons why our customers love our butcher block desks:

Is it time for an office space upgrade? Read more about our butcher block desktop products here for more info. We’re here to help make your butcher block desk idea come to life!

About Forever Joint Tops

With over fifty years of experience crafting quality butcher block desks, our clients trust us for professional butcher block craftsmanship, installation tips, precise customization, fast turnaround times, and reliable sales and services.

We are the experts when it comes to residential and commercial butcher block desks, tables, countertops, and more. Whether you need a floating desk with shelves, an L-shaped corner desk, or a simple butcher block desk, at Forever Joint Tops, precise customization is our specialty. We offer the best butcher block pricing – guaranteed!

Butcher Block Desk FAQs

Is butcher block good for a desk?

Put simply, yes! Butcher block is the perfect wood surface for just about any type of desk. Butcher block woods that we recommend for a desk include hickory, maple, red oak, and walnut. Customization options include circular tables, square or rectangular tables, office desks with shelves, L-desks, and more. Please browse our order page for current desk options, or contact us for more info about customization.

How to build a desk out of a butcher block countertop?

Desk butcher block can be built following these steps: 1.) sand the butcher block, 2.) apply the stain, 3.) seal the desk top, and 4.) measure and attach the legs. Check with us on recommendations for building and applying stain/sealant for your desk. All our desks are crafted from 100% American grown woods. If you need help with assembly, please talk with our team.

What is the best wood for a butcher block desk?

Hardwoods our team recommends are maple, walnut, and oak. This is because they're extremely durable and hold up well under daily wear and tear from office, school, and kitchen work. Cherry, birch, beech, and hickory are other alternatives. At Forever Joint Tops, we work specifically with oak, maple, walnut, and hickory.

How thick should a butcher block be for a desk?

For thickness for most types of butcher block wood, you should have the thickness at around 1.5" and 2" thick. Please feel free to customize the butcher block desk thickness on our order page.

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