Better Butcher Block

From sourcing our butcher block lumber, to sales, through delivery, Forever Joint Tops’ attention to quality, detail, and service provides a both better product and purchase experience, for “Quality that is Forever Yours.”

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Any butcher block top produced by Forever Joint Tops promises 100% edge grain butcher block work surface, which is more durable surface. Our butcher block tops are not blended products of face grain and edge grain. Wood countertops need to be made with the right cuts of wood to stand the test of time.

All of our maple butcher block tops are produced from 100% kiln dried, unselected, hard rock maple. All of the walnut butcher block panels are produced from steamed, kiln dried, American black walnut to give you the very rich chocolate color and warmer feel.

All our kiln dried hardwood lumber is dried down to specifically 6-8% moisture content. This makes it significantly more uniform while eliminating movement within the lumber. Wood that is not kiln dried has a much greater tendency to split, crack, and warp! This is an important consideration for wood countertops and other butcher block products.

Walnut is steamed before it is kiln dried to make the sapwood (which is white) a lighter tan color so it blends in with the dark, rich color of walnut. Our walnut butcher block panels are second to none.

All of our products are produced with machined finger-jointed staves. This reduces any filler needed between the joints and gives your top a beautiful variated look instead of the solid stripe look with solid strip panels.

A few more points of pride at Forever Joint Tops include:

  • 100% American lumber
  • 100% America-made butcher block products
  • Green manufacturing process
  • Family-owned and operated
  • 24-hour response time

Following simple butcher block maintenance instructions will further extend the life of your butcher block top. Visit our Finishing and Care page for our recommendations.

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