3 Ideas for Enhancing Your Kitchen with Butcher Block

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Is it time to spruce up your kitchen with a new look?

Butcher block countertops can help you achieve a more enhanced, natural look. Over the years, they have become increasingly popular among homeowner who are looking for more natural and functional kitchen countertop surfaces.

However, to enhance the aesthetic of your kitchen and bring out the beauty of your butcher block, you should complement it the right way with the right styles.

Here are three ways to enhance your kitchen with butcher block:

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1. Choosing the Right Paints

The right paint in your kitchen can enhance the natural beauty of your countertops, kitchen islands, and tables. Choosing the right paint can help to create a warm, farmhouse, minimalist, or modern aesthetic.

We recommend choosing a color scheme that matches the undertone of the wood. For example, neutral colors such as beige, white, and gray almost always look great with natural wood, and they create an overall clean and modern appearance.

Furthermore, to add even more visual interest, contrast, and depth, you can try adding extra texture to your kitchen, mixing different shapes and sizes of accessories to add more contrast.

2. Adding a Backsplash

Secondly, you should consider adding a backsplash to help tie your kitchen's design together. This can help to create a cohesive look and make your butcher block really stand out beautifully by introducing color and pattern.

Adding backsplash is also practical for protecting the walls from water damage. Some popular choices for backsplash include natural stones or ceramic tiles, which come in a range of colors and finishes to complement any design.

When choosing a paint color to complement your backsplash, you should definitely consider the undertone of the wood. For example:

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3. Updating Your Kitchen Lighting

Lastly, you can update your kitchen lighting to help highlight the natural textures, coloration, and wood grains in your butcher block. This can help add significantly more warmth to your kitchen and dining room.

Lighting fixtures for your kitchen and dining room are available in multiple shapes and sizes. For example:

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  • Pendant fixtures and lanterns. Provide a modern or trendy style for your kitchen. They are installed by hanging them over the countertop to provide focused lighting.
  • Chandeliers. Are a classical, traditional option that can add a more old-fashioned or classic elegance to the kitchen. Chandeliers are a better option if you prefer soft, ambient lighting.

Whichever lighting fixture you opt for, you should place it accordingly so that fully illuminates your butcher block wood to highlight the natural coloration and wood grain patterns.

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Why Butcher Block?

There are many reasons to opt for butcher block wood. For example, butcher block wood is highly versatile that can warmth and character to your home. With its versatility, you'll enjoy a wide range of many natural wood colorations, from light blonde to deep chocolate. Common wood types people choose for their butcher block include maple, walnut, cherry, hickory, and oak. Additionally, it's worth noting that each butcher block type has its own distinct color and grain pattern. To help further bring out the natural beauty of the wood, you should use a food-sale oil, wax, or apply a permanent finish from Waterlox.

Lastly, butcher block can be easily paired with a wide range of other materials and appliances, including tile, concrete, and stainless steel. This helps to add texture and visual appeal. For more thoughts, check out our article about 5 reasons you should choose wood countertops.

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Why Forever Joint Tops?

We are a family-owned business that's served our customers for more than 50 years. At Forever Joint Tops, we focus on providing hard maple, red oak, walnut, and hickory wood. Our team specializes in helping you enhance your kitchen with butcher block countertops and helping you to understand how to apply conditioner or mineral oil/beeswax, and clean your butcher block wood. Contact our team today and we'll be happy to help your butcher block countertop, bar top, desktop, table, or kitchen island dreams a reality!

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