Frequently Asked Questions

What is the thickness of the tops?

Currently all of our tops are 1-½”.

How much does shipping cost?

All regular orders come with free shipping! Any top larger than 36"x72" or 30"x84" will ship for free to the FedEx Freight Center closest to the shipping address provided. Bulk order shipping will vary depending on the size of the order and the location it is being delivered. Please fill out the commercial order form if looking for a bulk order quote.

How do I find the closest FedEx Freight Center?

Please see FedEx's website to locate the Freight Center closest to you! Make sure the only service you have checked is "FedEx Freight" See picture below.


What are the size limits?

The maximum size that we are currently able to produce is 36"x96". We can create butterfly joints (additional charge) on two tops so they can be fastened together to create a larger top. The hardware for these joints is available at your local hardware store or on-line here. If you would like more information on the Butterfly Joints please contact Isaac at or call 608-566-6903.

Do tops come finished?

All Forever Joint tops will be sanded, have eased edges, and will have a food safe mineral oil applied on them. They will not have a sealer/finish applied on them.

What are the best finishes?

The two products that we enjoy working with are as follows:

Waterlox - This product can be found online at It is an extremely water resistant sealer/finisher that is very easy to work with, and it produces great results. This is a great product if your top will be near a sink or another water source.

Cabot’s Oil Based Polyurethane Finish - This product can be found many places online or at your local Home-Depot/Menards/Lowe’s. Cabot’s is very easy to use and we always see consistent quality results when we use it.

How do I care for my top?

Your top will come with a food safe mineral oil already applied. We recommend you finish your top with and oil based finish product. We highly recommend Waterlox to keep your top looking beautiful for years to come. Please follow the manufacturers instructions when applying. If you are using your top as a cutting board then we recommend a Butcher Block Oil or Bee's Wax. This must be done frequently to keep the top from drying out and splitting/checking on the ends.

What is the current lead time?

Current lead time is between two and three weeks. If time is of the essence for your project contact Isaac at to see if there is a possibility of expedited shipping. Expedited shipping cost will depend on the size of your top(s) as well as delivery location.

Can I cut on my top?

Forever Joint butcher block tops are great for cutting board use but will need to be maintained properly. See "Finishing and Care" for further instructions.

Are there matching back splashes?

We sell matching back splashes for each type of wood that we have. Please contact Isaac at with the size backsplash you need for a quote.

What is the product warranty?

All Forever Joint Tops come with a 2 year limited warranty that protects against any manufacturer defects. This does not cover damages that may occur from neglect, exposure to humidity, extreme temperatures, misuse of product or any installation errors. The warranty will cover the cost of the raw product only. Forever Joint Tops reserves the right to fully examine any claims regarding our products.

How will tops be shipped?

Tops are shipped by different companies depending on the size of your top as well as the delivery location. The companies we use to ship our tops are Speedee Delivery and FedEx. On very large sizes an LTL freight company will be used to deliver your tops.