Finishing and Care

All Forever Joint Tops come with a non-permanent coat of FDA approved mineral oil; this gives you the option to use it as a cutting surface or to finish/seal it with an oil based product to get a strong, durable finish that will last for years.

If you're going to use your Forever Joint Top as a cutting surface, click here.

If you want to finish your top with a permanent, maintenance free finish/seal, see Waterlox section below.


(Recommended as a permanent finish/sealer, not safe to cut on)

Waterlox® is a high grade tung oil and resin blend we've been recommending for years. It does a great job showcasing the natural beauty of wood while providing long lasting, durable protection. Additionally, this product is heat-resistant and won't crack, peel, or chip. Waterlox® is known for its great ability to lock out and protect against water, making it the perfect product for table and countertops located all throughout the home or office.

Application Instructions

Before you start using Waterlox® it's important that you read and follow the instructions on the can, and if want the best results please follow their step by step instructions on their website.


Please allow 7 Days for the Waterlox® to completely cure before cleaning. It's recommended to use a damp rag on the surface as needed. If heavier cleaning is required you can use Waterlox® Original Cleaner Concentrate (follow Instructions on the label), or a non-abrasive diluted cleaner. (Avoid using ammonia and bleach products).

For the past two years we have been recommending and personally using Waterlox®, and every time it has resulted in a beautiful long lasting finish. For additional information please visit Waterlox® website.

Using your Forever Joint Top as a cutting board?

When using your Forever Joint Top as a cutting board it's important to use the right product and to condition it regularly. As mentioned earlier we apply FDA approved mineral oil to the butcher blocks before they leave our warehouse, this is a very common way to keep you butcher block conditioned.


Once your tops have been seasoned with butcher block oil 3 to 4 times, per week, for 2 weeks, you can clean with soap and water. Be sure to keep maintaining your top on a weekly basis, especially on the end grain to reduce the chance of it drying out and checking. Make sure you don't forget to condition the bottom of the top, if it's not easily accessible due to the weight or it being fastened down you should put 1 to 2 coats of a permanent finish/sealer on the bottom to ensure its sealed.

Butcher Block Top Care